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News, Events and Night Sky Notes

A selection of events and club news, plus the slides from Gareth's Night Sky Notes

Interacting Galaxies

February 2024

Rod is wowing us again with his knowledge of the deep sky, this time compiling a list of the Interesting Interacting Galaxies.

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Sky Notes for February

Gareth's Sky notes for February featuring good planet viewing, Moon, Comet and the Galaxy season and Milky Way.

Deep Night Sky notes

January 2024

Read Rod's meticulously compiled notes on what to look out for in the coming weeks in the deep sky.

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Inpromptu Observation Evening

January 2024

Read what happened to 12 amateur astronomers with six telescopes under the Dorset night sky on 18 January.

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Sky Notes for January

Gareth's Sky notes for January featuring good planet viewing, Moon and Pleiades conjunction and Orion

Sky Notes for November

Gareth's Sky notes for November

Sky Notes for September

Gareth's Sky notes for September

No Better Place (It's Just Right) Exhibition

September 2023

Our astronomy exhibition, about the importance of preserving the Earth as our home, is currently on show at Salisbury Hospital.

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Filters - the very basics

September 2023

Someone asked on the WhatsApp group about using filters. It's a huge topic, but here is some very simple information on them.

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RASC Observation Lists

18 September 2023

The Royal Astronomical Association of Canada have done a superb job of collating a list of objects that are generally thought to be the most interesting to view at various times of the year for beginners and intermediates

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